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breast-feeding is 88 do or don't. one target paul e. in texas made a mother feel like breast- feeding was bad. a nurse in was held at target stores across the nation to support the mother and breast-feeding in public. >> we are not trying to show any one our body is about the comfort and health of the child. >> these mothers were told by strangers and shopkeepers said that they should not breast feed in public. >> they made me feel bad i cried and i felt embarrassed. >> we could not bring television cameras it to be nurse in and target officials say breastfeeding is ok and supported and they do not know what went wrong in texas. >> i think that people should be able to eat in public then she should not have to hide to breast feed her child. >> she says that there are far more offensive habits in today's culture. >> i have seen more cleavage on a woman walking down the street and you can see when i breastfeed. >> target officials say mothers can nurse wherever they wanted but there are fitting rooms for that purpose. >> coming not how you can play the lottery from the comfort of your h
for a woman in texas who says she was harassed by target employees while nursing her son and a target store in number of mothers who breastfeed gathered at the store today breast fed their children while in the store all captured on cellphone video >> it is a state right and federal right we want people to realize not try to block anything in front of them not about us is not about our convenience is about the comfort and health of our babies >> target says it does allow breast feeding in its stores even has set-aside areas for mothers to do so a target spokeswoman says what happened at one store in texas should not have happened at >> occupy movement taking aim at presidential politics plan to occupy iowa caucus is next and one good deed turns into opportunity to save several lives in the kidney swap help grant supple strangers together. [ music box plays ] multi-policy discount. paperless discount. paid-in-full discount. [yawning] homeowner's discount. safe driver discount. chipmunk family reunion. someone stole the nuts. squirrel jail. justice! countless discounts. now that's
in dallas. >> going to texas >> does not look like sam hurd will fight extradition his wife in court tonight the couple has a daughter. sam hurd aveces 5-40 years in prison if convicted. calls for a special prosecutor to investigate a homicide case involving one of richard daley that use. roderick macarthur justice center at better government association asked special prosecutor to look into the death of david koschman, david koschman daily and that you rj vanecko identified near division and got into a fight david koschman if this had on the pavement and died 11 days later from injuries. after initial investigation of the victim's mother said felt she needed more. >> i go there often telling him i am sorry that i did not fight for him. it was a difficult thing for me to do fighting to save myselfthinking to reporters in new stations the fight is still here >> chicago police the public and state attorney operas have not commented on request for special prosecutor roderick macarthur justice center say the investigation into david koschman death was compromised. >> police say a teen
. in a few weeks down to texas to face even more charges. sam hurd appeared in federal court today wearing orange prison jumpsuit with legs in shackles. hearing before the now former chicago bears receiver lasted three minutes united states judge young kim least about $150,000 cash bond. attorney from los angeles spoke to reporters >> sam hurd father was dead a good teammate a good friend. and the past: to the future family has had a good past family will have a good future >> future not with chicago bears but attorney says hopes another team will pick him up assuming of course he is cleared. yesterday charged with accepting a kilogram of cocaine from undercover federal agent. case is shocking even to the most veteran sports analyst. >> has always been stories of professional athletes involving drugs but never at the wholesale dealer level somebody who thinks he is going to move half a million dollars worth of product every week. this is on a scale beyond anything we have seen in sports. >> also attorney denies allegations sam hurd tester beating cocaine or other drugs to fellow nfl
northwestern racing to a big lead against texas southern in the first there were three points scored of the game high 20 points by john sherman as the wildcats won a 20-31 on to win 81-51 north western is now 8-1 on the season that's a look at sports your live illinois lottery drawing is next. >>lives up from wgn tv chicago the official drawing of the illinois state lottery >>good afternoon everyone these are your midday winning lottery numbers ... here are the winning kick three numbers:pick three numbers: 5 0 3 here are the winning pick four numbers: 4 2 7 1 $135 million is the mega- millions and jack padjackpot for tonight he passed away yesterday from complications of an esophageal cancer. he was known for his wry sense of humor even dent in his monthly columns for his battle with cancer was public ... and in his later years, he became a strong voice for atheism a harsh critic of religion hitchens was born in portsmouth england and graduated from oxford university was 62 years old. in midwatch a new study finds a link between smoking and a type of skin cancer ... research fi
heart. >> texas authorities said it will release the identities of seven family members were fatally shot by a man dressed as santa at a christmas gathering. police have already said the suitor is believed to be related to the family by marriage and were investigating whether divorce was an aspect of the shooting. >> and man wanted in connection with a shooting of a soldier in california has turned himself into police. 22 year-old christopher sullivan survived an explosion in afghanistan. he spent much of the recovering from his injuries and recently returned home to california only to be shot at his own homecoming party. police say he was shot will try to break up a fight doctors believe he will be paralyzed from the neck down. a woman posted to this message i will be dead by morning on facebook. this message may have saved her life and her baby son. police in utah stablemen hidden causes saturday causesa alin a closet on saturday with a laptop and posted it that message. the woman told police officers that reed had refused to let her leave for five days and had physically abused he
tomato were supplied by rio queen citrus of mission the texas and distributed to stores in missouri and illinois. the company is recalling 10 oz pines and 10 lb. bull grapes. there has been that no reports of illnesses yet. aand investigation by consumer reports found 10 percent of juices tested had higher levels of arsenic bandy fda's standard for drinking water. 25 percent of samples had higher levels of lead in water. while the fda has previously said the lead and arsenic in juice pose no health concerns officials are reported the gathering for their information on the risk. a possible new weapon to treat people who have type 2 diabetes. in the study shows an extreme a low-calorie diet may be answered it says the guy can reverse diabetes and it just four months. it also shows the die reduces the amount dangerous facts are on the heart of overweight usa prime credit... this peggy... hi, i'm cashing in my points... peggy? no more points - coupons now. coupons? coupons. coupons? next, you convert coupons to tokens. tokens? then you trade tokens for credits. and then i get the
caliber team and we will get there. northwestern a chance to end at all proud defeated texas a&m and the mighty car care bowl in houston tomorrow the last time they won a bowl game harry truman was president and united states the only country to have the atomic bomb 1949, 24 years before pat fitzgerald was born. >> these guys deserve it also ought to get the monkey off our back a goal of ours since we took over not hiding from it now embracing this unless people except people on the north side of chicago a great opportunity and challenge >> chicago guy miserable season for illinois assistant coach boycotting the bowl game against ucla three-year contract university claims he signed a one-year deal at back to the chicago bulls tom thibodeau defeated sacramento the chicago bulls are now 2-1, 19 points and chicago bulls shot 53 percent from the floor. chris paul and the clippers right here wgn america after this newscast the game starts and a few minutes so keep the dial right here on wgn it should be a good game chicago bulls taken on the los angeles clippers. >> thank you so
're finding on our radar pictures check this out texas which has been suffering for exceptional drought of summer and much of the fall months is getting at least a little rain down some of the southern sections, like the modern rainshowers mostly but there may be a brief heavy downpour in that area, this is from our computer model but winston we think the clubs will have thickened up enough to produce some very oppressive rains across the area but this is no forecast and it will come up short with the chicago be on the warm side of the approaching system and we're looking at numbers what to our west and northwest you could see the ground white just a bit. do. temperatures across the area, these are some pre load two points but the southwest winds and a few clouds, temperatures again not expected to drop as much tonight here is our forecast for this evening. sky's mostly clear we do have clouds appear at the moment that they will move out very quickly low temperature by morning about where we are now 24-27 degrees and then for tomorrow morning sunshine and if you like clouds, wind will b
all the way south from canada down to the texas gulf coast the real cold there is still staying up in northern canada. 36 percent of the united states however is covered with snow right now. we had 39% one year ago at this time that's a respectable amount ... we are four degrees cooler than we were yesterday at this time ... we're looking at the temperature in white horse in the yukon province we won't be feeling that until later in the week ... it has been fairly windy at some points this morning 30 mi. per hour wind gusts have been recorded. it's nothing we cannot deal with. we are looking at the view from buffalo grove. tonight it will be fairly cloudy those clouds will break up tomorrow. here's what happens over the next 10 days we have a big reservoir of cold their expanding across canada and coming down to us later in the week that will rush out of here and by sunday we could be back to the 40's once again. we don't get that really cold there until very late next week. not bad for december. there is high pressure in the area with very light flurries. we see a storm moving o
. mitt romney is still leading in the latest polls but congressman ron paul of texas is a close second. rick santorum has shot up from the bottom of the pack to third place. newt gingrich has been plunging. another staffer has built from michele bachman presidential campaign. she confirms political director just quit. the move is the latest setback in recent days for bachman is eye what organization. white wednesday her former state chairman kent sorenson showed up on stage at an event for rival ron paul declaring he switched camps days before the caucus. she has slipped to the bottom of the polls since winning the iowa straw poll earlier this year. >> who will have live coverage from the iowa caucuses next week starting sunday through wednesday. >> this year had its memorable stories. >> wgn political analyst and host of cltv politics tonight paul lisnek is here with a year in review. >> starting at no. 10, appointed to the sex scandals of the year as being really critical. people like anthony weiner. and herman cain of course turned around a presidential campaign. >>#9 is the ar
from canada to texas state senate democrats oppose the bill and the white house says that president obama would veto the bill holiday recess is scheduled to begin next week but the president wants the recess put off until there is a deal nearly 30,000 workers at the united states postal service will keep their jobs for now the u.s. postal service has agreed to postpone the layoffs and the closure of 250 facilities until next may 15th illinois senator dick durbin and other lawmakers could convince the postal service to hold off so they can find a way to save it from its budget problems the postal service is almost broke racking up $5 billion worth of debt this year >>the bankruptcy case involving failed brokerage m f global will be back in court today a day after the company officials were grilled on capitol hill the senate agriculture committee held a hearing yesterday on the m f global downfall listening to testimony from customers and from three top officials including former chairman and ceo jon corzine an estimated $1.2 billion in customer funds is missing from the bankrupt fi
- fault forecast. system one that lives out of texas and wisconsin. a second system supposed to start developing coming up to the area. we will watch that press conference breaking away from that a quick look at the seven day forecast back to you >> update on top update cesar sanchez escape from moving to transport court appearance back to prison straight to that press conference starting right now take a listen >> what to announce that the inmate cesar chess are originally from chicago 37 years old and 3:00 p.m. tonight taken by a task force including will county sheriff illinois department of parol apprehension unit united states marshals illinois state police along with the cook county jolie get lockport oaklawn chicago police department and rockwell. public safety top priority of the task force. mobilized immediately upon activation the offender had escaped custody from a transport and moving him from courthouse in bridge you to state till a correctional center. in crest hill. offender found in a location invoice management and rock dale an area that contained approximately 300
wasted little time wheeling and dealing in los angeles more from texas from the winter meetings >> interesting down here to watch the chicago cubs and white sox go after it this week a different approach tried as best as they can't to add-on still the ones that made the first deal in dallas laying down the ground work >> white sox fans probably as shocked as i see the end at the trade of sergio santos of a new and potentially less competitive way of doing business and >> probably sank know is this possible anything is possible what you are doing looking toward the future regarding the future batt but a start of rebuilding and as you guys know have not used that word in 12 years but the start of the building is now is it the start of fall like dominoes type rebuilding? absolutely not >> player coming to chicago 22 year-old nester molina knocked out numbers from the minors 130 innings 148 strikeouts and only 18 walks >> very happy that we were able to acquire him short target is to get some way some way shape or form i did not anticipate it would take sergio santos do that i
and that recipe for wildfires >> wind blowing 1,200 mi. wide >> from texas panhandle to california cluster of wind blowing tonight stalling tonight in rockford freeport and it will be here pretty soon rating on the front and one not amount to much but some gorgeous weather lately snapping photos husband air traffic controller airport in wheeling took a shot flying across the city look at these beautiful shots of the gorgeous skyline. thanks to dan duquette and peter. former intern down in tucson captured snowfall caused a traffic accident one of many weather problems relating to the storm lifting from the midwest putting us on the one side for a good part of the weekend until later sunday at high clouds advancing system they have since #$%%# started to snow as we stay on the northwest suburbs. the group by mourning here is the cloud mass right here piece of energy shooting out of the system out to the west. showing you exactly where the snow with rainfall on the front side evaporative cooling and the brain changes to smell that is why the area of white is growing back to the quad cities an
in the plane's cooling things off allowing it to turn chile later and a weak jump ahead to monday texas panhandle moving southeast kansas and did to downstate illinois and eat you up watch the weather system saw the wind on the east side looks like maybe a brand fall producer monday afternoon and into monday night changes snowfall at ending tuesday second sister, said later in the week. any one of those kind of thing that could lay down a layer of snow fall keeping you posted 52 degrees bolick tomorrow mid 30's. brain develops in the afternoon monday and monday night back to the 30's again on tuesday. two weeks by bit increments each day above normal. >> school closings and restructuring of photos of the day chicago tribune. coming up by cox tested by nhl top team tonight minnesota and chicago bears showing support for caleb sears one-day sale 7 am saturday! up to 40% off all craftsman combo kits. men's sweaters and coats 65% off. plus, midnight madness! 6 pm to midnight, extra 10% off all game room. shop preview friday. sears open 'til midnight select stores. [ woman ] what
how the model picks up these clusters of storms. starting down here in texas. up through iowa and minnesota wisconsin into the upper lakes region finally into canada cold northern wind on the backside dropping temperatures down to the thirties on friday and saturday already by sunday wind blowing warming back into the 40's again. take a look at the general layout of the rainfall. really cold air bottled up in the arctic looking up at all prepared charts tonight vs one year ago. the big greenland to block one year ago the fact the war era has not developed cold air cannot be pushed down entirely different winter weather regime this year. current temperature in chicago. readings going to increase warmest temperatures beyond the sunset tomorrow night. when the south-southwest. picking up dramatically by the morning with humidity nearing saturation at 93%. temperatures by later tomorrow evening temperatures in the '50s rising during the night into the mid-upper 50s beginning to fall from the upper 40's-low 50s thursday morning into the thirties by thursday evening more seasonable
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17